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Discover the Tantric Therapeutic System that Touches the Meridians and Stimulates the Vital Essence Drops
October 2nd - 3rd 1999

With the ancient method of Guyusamaja it is possible to cure physical, mental and emotional problems through touching the thirty two points of the physical and auric body, using mudras and mantras.

Massage is one of the most ancient therapies still used by humanity; there exist carvings and ancient texts dating back at least 3000 years that are testimony to the practice of this healing method. In modern society, the importance of massage has been widely recognised in the cure of stress, tension, energetic imbalances,as well as in the malfunctioning of different organs.

There exist different types of massage, all with the scope of reactivating and rebalencing the functions of the organism through touch, manipulation and the stimulation of various parts of the body. Buddha Siddhartha also taught a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual method of healing through touching the meridians (the channels where the energy of the organs flows) and through the stimulation of the vital essence drops. These teachings are contained within the Secret Assembly of Guyusamaja Tantra and are among the most complex of the tantric doctrine. Until recently kept very secret, these teachings have now been made accessible to all by Lama Gangchen.

Tantric Self-Healing Crystal Massage is a method to create an energy body of pure light through contact with the 32 points of the physical and auric body, through mudra, mantric vibration, concentration and breathing.

Using the pure energy of coloured crystals on various points of the body we move the blocked subtle energy in the channels, thereby healing sicknesses, and fully utilising our energetic potential. We also stimulate the production and movement of the vital essence drops which are responsible for our strength, vitality and reproductive capacity.

During the practice we turn our attention to the five senses, not only healing their defects, but also improving the quality of their perception in a way that draws out more pleasurable experiences. We re-energise the five principal chakras, healing them through massage and the visualisation of five pure and luminous crystals. We dissolve all the problems related to the weaknesses and imbalances of our elements into clear light, thus strengthening our immune system and stabilising the cells and atoms of our body.

Lama Gangchen explains that tiredness and sickness are simply symptoms of a lack of light within ourselves. The method of Guyusamaja helps us to attain a state of healing because it produces and accumulates a pure light which helps us to maintain our physical and mental health and guides us towards the liberation of all sufferings - enlightenment.

These teachings will be discussed in great detail during the course by Lama Gangchen. After the appropriate transmissions of the Tantric Self Healing Crystal Massage, the techniques of touch, manipulation and the use of crystals will be explained.

24 Point Blessing of Heruka and Vajrayogini

Lama Gangchen will share with us methods to actualise the clear light of bliss, the energy of the deepest level of our mind. When we purify our mind removing clouds of ignorance, then this enlightenment energy is revealed in all it's splendour.

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