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Welcome to Peace

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"Basically we all cherish tranquillity. For example, when the spring comes, the days grow longer, there is more sunshine, the grass and trees come alive and everything is fresh. People feel happy. In autumn, one leaf falls, then another, then all the beautiful flowers die until we are surrounded by bare naked plants. We do not feel so joyful. Why is this? Because deep down, we desire constructive, fruitful growth and dislike things collapsing, dyeing or being destroyed. Every destructive action goes against our basic nature".
His Holiness The Dalai Lama

By understand the inner causes of violence, our aim is to work on practical and subtle levels cultivating humanities innate knowing of peace, and bring it into
conscious awareness.

Helping to bring an active peaceful world into being during the next millennium.

Peace Thoughts, Peace Events, Peace Smile, Everywhere Peace

We intend to update this site each month with news and events promoting inner, outer and environmental peace. If you come across any news or events others may be interested in, let us know and we will include in the next update.

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