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The Healing Lama

Lama Gangchen Tulku Rinpoche

Peace Thoughts, Peace Events, Peace Smile, Everywhere Peace.

"...And Bless me that I may effortlessly accomplish all wishes in accordance with the Dhama, pacify all evil thoughts and actions, and firmly set my mind in the direction of the Dhama..."

About Anger

"If we are of a 'New Age' opinion that it is better and healthier to express our anger, perhaps it would be a better investment if we got angry at our own inner enemies: our bad thoughts, egotism, pride, jealousy and selfishness. Other enemies come and go in our lives, but unless we do something about our inner enemies, they are always with us, and continuously ruin our quality of life and relationships. You may find it difficult to feel positive about an aggressive person but do not get angry. Try to see this person as having a 'mental illness of violence', and try to feel compassion for them. A major cause of emotional violence is refusing to apologise when we did something wrong, or refusing to accept other people's apologies due to our own pride , anger or fear. Forgiving with a heart full of compassion and wisdom is very healing."T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen

Self-Healing practice for children and the young generation

Today, children receive an almost unlimited amount of information, but what they mainly need is information about how to create inner peace.
Lama Gangchen has created a particular meditation dedicated to children to help them overcome fear, doubt, loneliness, anger, aggression and so on, and to direct their energies in the best direction. Receiving this kind of information at an early age is especially important, therefore several educators are being trained in the fine art of teaching this method to youngsters.

"...We need to help the new generation recover their lost human feeling. If we could integrate this human feeling into modern society with all its scientific and technological development, then life would become very beautiful, perhaps even more so than in previous generations. In the twenty-first century we need a New Wisdom Vehicle which will link the essence of ancient ideas about reality, cosmology, energy, with the latest developments of high energy physics, chemistry, medicine, astronomy, electronics, genetics and many other fields..." T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen

Thanks to Peace Publications for the above excerpts.

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